Patient Education

In order to help improve an athlete's performance, Cautilli Orthopaedics has made a nutrition guide available for download.

Dr. Richard Cautilli Jr. spoke at a St. Mary Medical Center seminar titled, "Injury Prevention and Performance Improvement Program for Fall Sports: Football, Soccer and Cross Country." 

With baseball season just around the corner, Cautilli Orthopaedics offers a free guideline for baseball pitchers. This guide has helpful advise regarding the recommended amount of activity per week based on the pitcher's age and a recommended pitching program. To obtain a copy, click here.

To help further educate our patients, we included a link to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons which contains:

  • nearly 400 descriptive, easy-to-read articles
  • full color illustrations and photography
  • intuitive navigation and helpful search functions
  • Anatomical coverage including neck, shoulder, arm/elbow, spine, hand, hip, knee and foot/leg
  • Special sections covering important topics like: managed care, pediatrics, sports, arthritis, osteoporosis, patient safety and wellness.
  • plus a Spanish language section to help you provide culturally-competent care.

Additional websites which may be beneficial are: